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Tuesday, 01-07-2014

Welcome to the beta version of my new website!! I’m very excited to share this new site with you.  Besides the new design, there are a lot of new features and benefits for members. A couple of notes to remember:


1.  This is a beta test of the new website.  Therefore, there will be changes, tweaks and content additions almost daily, as well as some possible bugs.  So, please be patient during this beta process. If you experience any issues, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me directly.  I will do my best to correct any problems as well as listen to your feedback and ideas.

2.  I am in the process of remastering all of my older content for you.  This means that some content is not available on this beta site yet.  This content will continue to be added throughout the beta period. Don’t worry though… Members get full access to this site, as well as access to my original website, all with their current membership.  So, you get the best of both worlds!


3.  This new site is designed to work on all sorts of devices.  Feel free to try it out on your computers, phones and tablets and let me know if you have any issues. 


Please take a look around and let me know what you think.  I hope you enjoy it!






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